Compact One Window LCD Display Weight Counting Indicator

Jadever JWI-2000C is our new realesed compact and ecnomic counting indicator.
with only one window LCD display and unique design of the indicator supportor, it can stand directly on the platform.

Item NO.: JWI-2000C
Product Origin: China
Capacity: 100-600kg
Division: 1/30000
Power Supply: AC: 110/220V; Rechargeable battery: 6V/4Ah



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Key Features:

1.   One window LCD display electronic counting indicator with white backlight, high quality copper pillar, dark grey industrial ABS housing
2. Compact but powerful digital weighing indicator, can stand directly on the industrial floor scale.
3. Mechanical keypad with matte overlay
4. Reinforcement design of indicator supporter
5. 6V/4Ah Rechargeable battery, build-in transformer and power cord for power supply
6. Up to 1-4pcs×350Ω Load cell and can be used on different sizes of bench scales
7. With Peak hold and animal weighing functions
8. Rich External Connections: Bluetooth,Wifi, Ethernet Interface, U-disk, etc.


Model JWI-2000C
Division 1/30000
Input sensitivity 0.2 μV/d
Input voltage range -2 mV~20 mV
Load cell excitation voltage DC 5V(up to 4×350 ohm Load cells)
Non-linearity 0.003% of the total capacity
input resistance More than 10×106Ω
A/D conversation △-Σ
A/D Internal Resolution 700,000
A/D Conversation Rate Around 10times/sec
LED display LCD display with white backlight, 6/5/6 digits, font 22.16mm x 9.18mm and 13.47mmx6mm
Power supply AC: 110/220V; Rechargeable battery: 6V/4Ah, standby time is about 70H


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